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Military Law Practice Areas

Defending Military Soldiers Around the Globe.

If you find yourself in a situation that has you worried about your freedom, career, and retirement, act quickly to arm yourself with knowledge and expert counsel to protect yourself and your future. By retaining an experienced and aggressive attorney from John Malek Law Group, you will be arming yourself with an experienced team to safeguard your career and reputation. Attorney John Malek served in the Air Force and has over a decade's knowledge specialized in the military criminal justice system, ensuring he can handle your situation with confidence.

Military courts differ from civilian courts. Being represented by an attorney deeply familiar with the military justice system, you can prevent yourself from being railroaded by the courts and having your rights trampled upon. Our legal team specializes in the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and its complexities, and knows how to strategize an effective defense.

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Types of Military Cases We Handle

At John Malek Law Group, our legal team understands that every case is unique. Attorney John Malek has a proven track record of successfully defending servicemen and women across all branches of the military. As a prior Active Duty JAG officer, Attorney John Malek is passionate about protecting the rights of our troops and has the ability and resources to provide highly qualified representation. No matter if you are on active duty, in the reserves, or guard, and no matter where you are located or stationed, we are here to defend you. We can aggressively advise, defend, and help protect your career, reputation, and future from the long-lasting negative impact of disciplinary actions.

Protecting the Rights of Military Members Who Protect Our Country

As a prior active-duty Air Force JAG officer, exclusively practicing military law and defending military members stationed all over the globe, Attorney John Malek puts your best interests above all else. No matter the circumstances of your situation, we will give you our undivided attention, discuss the specific details of your case, and together we will develop an effective defense strategy.

We understand the mental and emotional toll of facing these situations, especially as a military member. It is our mission to help you understand your options and pursue the best course of action available to you. We will be in your corner from beginning to end and see that your situation receives the best possible resolution.

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